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Social events

Gala dinner on the beach !qsd
The gala dinner will be held on Thursday 22nd evening in La Grande Motte, 20 km from Montpellier, at the beach “paillote” restaurant “La Voile Bleue”.
Buses will be arranged to bring participants from and to Montpellier conference venue and main hotels sites.
The gala dinner is included in the conference fees.


The excursions are subject to sufficient bookings.  They must be booked at the time of registration. Only one excursion can be booked per person, because they all occur at the same time. Charges will be calculated when we have an idea of the number of people in the excursion and will be payed in Montpellier. Please register by sending an email to .

Wine and medieval patrimony of the Herault hinterland
Discovery of the beautiful hinterland of Montpellier through one of the many emerging passionate small wine producers of the region and the visit of a nationally famous medieval village.
Visit of a quality small scale wine making domain in Aniane, Mas de la Seranne . Visit of the domain, explanation of the wine making processes and degustation. Mas de la Seranne is a small family wine farm, the group will be guided by the wine producers themselves. They are keen in receiving a group of people who are really interested in their practice.
Guided tour of Saint-Guillem-le-Desert . Supposedly one of the most beautiful villages in France with a rich history as a major halt on Saint-Jacques de Compostelle route and a UNESCO heritage abbey


Oysters and goat cheese of the Thau Laguna
Discovery of a natural seaside jewel of Montpellier surroundings, the Thau Laguna, with its emblematic landscape of oysters’ parks between vineyards and sea. The excursion is focused on the discovery of locally made products and the encounter of passionate producers who will explain their work and offer to taste their production.
-          Oyster farm in Marseillan. Annie Castaldo is an emblematic figure of the laguna. She’s been producing oysters for several generations and she actively promotes the role of women in traditional activities of the laguna. Visit of the farm, explanation of the production process, degustation
-          Organic goat cheese producer in Villeveyrac, a lovely village in the hills up the Laguna. Christophe and his wife manage an innovative and welcoming farm and sell their cheese in Montpellier’s farmers markets. Visit, explanation of the functioning of the farm and degustation
For wine lovers, we will make sure that oyster degustation comes along with Picpoul, the local white wine !
This tour is organized with the kind support of CPIE Thau, an association which works for environmental education. 
Montpellier guided tour
A guided tour of Montpellier historic center and of the new neighborhood created by the famous catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. Provided by Montpellier tourism office.
Update: 26 July 2011


  •  Keynote speakers

    Alan Kirman 
    Nils Ferrand 
    Dirk Helbing
    Frank Dignum

    Specific sessions

    Student prizes

    Bursaries, awards, Volterra prize 

    Symposium Chairpersons

    Jean-Pierre Muller
    François Bousquet 

    Co-located events:

    International Conference on Reputation (ICORE)
    Training on Agent-Based Models 

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