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Scientific Committee

A scientific committee is created to decide, develop and solve issues related to life and progress, and professional writer service helps our specialists with this.


Iqbal Adjali

Fred Amblard

Luis Antunes

Olivier Barreteau

Mark Birkin

Pieter Bots

Francois Bousquet

Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Helder Coelho

Rosaria Conte

Carmen Costea

Sebastiano Delre

Bruce Edmonds

Andreas Ernst

Tatiana Filatova

Armando Geller

Nigel Gilbert

Nick Gotts

Gertjan Hofstede

Luis R. Izquierdo

Wander Jager

Jean-Daniel Kant

Philippe Mathieu

Ruth Meyer

Michael Moehring

Jean-Pierre Muller

Martin Neumann

Pascal Perez

Edoardo Pignotti

Gary Polhill

Juliette Rouchier

Frank Schweitzer

Alex Smajgl

Flaminio Squazzoni

Tiberiu Stratulat

Klaus G Troitzsch




Update: 29 June 2011


  •  Keynote speakers

    Alan Kirman 
    Nils Ferrand 
    Dirk Helbing
    Frank Dignum

    Specific sessions

    Student prizes

    Bursaries, awards, Volterra prize 

    Symposium Chairpersons

    Jean-Pierre Muller
    François Bousquet 

    Co-located events:

    International Conference on Reputation (ICORE)
    Training on Agent-Based Models 

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Scientific Committee

Organizing committee

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